About Us Devdhan Enterprises Ltd.

Devdhan Enterprises Ltd. is a conglomerate of companies that provides civil engineering and other building construction services.

The company is owned by three directors Shashikant pindoriya ,vinesh Pindoriya, Payal Pindoriya.Devdhan Enterprise Ltd is a conglomerate of company that provides Civil Engineering, Building Construction and Consultation services in the expansive construction industry. The company has worked on several projects, within Kenya. lt encompasses a set of companies common together with a common goal of achieve products and services to suit the clients needs. This group comprises of youthful enterpreneur driven to a common goal.

Our Objective

Devdhan Enterprises Ltd’s objective is to offer quality construction services within Kenya & To became the top leading company in the construction industry.


Quality does drive all our projects and we focus on client satisfaction, we view quality from two perspectives the actual work and the perception


As we strive to produce quality work oriented to a client's mission in as efficient manner as possible, we recognize that we will face challenge. Progress only occurs if we are honest with ourselves and each other

Passion and Innovation

We embrace all the work we perform with passion. With ethusiasm, the attention to detail which is the differenace between mediocrework and quality work.Our Philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect

Client Orientation

Clients needs are anticipated and actions are targeted to satisfy their ultimate goals


Happy Clients


Countries Served


Successfully Projects


Year of experience

SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keep people healthy & safe in Construction

Devdhan Enterprises Ltd’s objective is to offer quality construction services within Kenya

The Group

The company plans to grow and be one of the leading construction consultancy service providers in the country, to own, operate and provide the most efficient facilities, process improvement, technical audit to its clients.

1) Devdhan Enterprises Ltd – – Building and civil Engineering Contractor

2) Jethson Interiors Ltd.- Aluminium / Glazing Works

3) Jaldev Enterprises Ltd – Earth Movers, Supply All Type Of Construction Aggregate.

4) Dhavi Enterprises Ltd.-Interior fit out and Decorative Contractor

5) Murlidhar Enterprises Ltd –  Machineries and General Hardware Suppliers

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